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 Master Saddle Maker

 American Saddle Makers Association

Each saddle is a creation built with special attention to details  and quality. Totally built by hand using traditional methods and materials for function and durability. Each saddle is a unique piece of art that you can use for many years to come, whether by horseback or in the home or office for a collectors piece.

  With very much an understanding of how to place you into a natural balance position, letting the horse achieve their natural balance when ridden. Ground seats are built with you in mind for a better fit, feel and ride, letting the horse move with less friction.

  Whether you like slick forks, swell forks, basket stamped, flower carved or just plain, the choice is yours. Each saddle is built to your specifications, with no two pieces alike.

  You can achieve better horsemanship by having your next saddle built, with an excellent's for proven performance and reliability by Saddle Maker John L Blair 

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